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Gaming Consoles ( XBOX, XBOX 360,  PS 2/3, PSP, Wii, etc ), MP3 Players, Digital Cameras/Camcorders/Cd/DVD Players/Home/Car Audio are all electronics that we appreciate and use for our personal music, pics, and entertainment experience.  We understand these are all items we don’t have to have, but they sure make our lives much better and worth the hard work we all do.  It doesn’t matter if you use these devices for a hobby or a tool in your work environments; we can help you get them working like new with fast, affordable, and quality work. 


Most causes of problems with the listed devices above are due to the following




  • Dust - Life expectancy is reduced in environments with the following
  • Smoking
  • Indoor Animals
  • Carpet Floors


  • Heat - Life expectancy is reduced in environments with the following
  • Enclosed spaces
  • Overlaod on power strips
  • Improper wiring





  • Moisture damage / condensation
  • Condensation will vary season to season, location and altitude
  • Improper shutdowns
  • Power outage / surge
  • User error
  • Unplugging device too soon / system errors
  • Physical damage







Symptoms may include



  • No power up / error messages / random shutdowns / lock ups / etc
  • Won't read discs
  • Disc read or tray errors
  • Skips
  • Display may distort from time to time
  • No display at all
  • Audio problems
  • Boots to logo screen only
  • Boot loops
  • Lens won't retract / lens error / won't play saved data
  • Broken or damaged screens / charging ports / etc












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